Giyo สูบจักรยานพกพา รุ่น GP-04S

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  • แรงดันสูงสุด 120 PSI 
  • สูบได้ทั้งวาล์วเล็กและวาล์วใหญ่

  • product introduction 1.A specially designed gas piston, effectively protect the pump gas mouth, more secure.
    2.Ergonomic design wrap, easier operation and more effort.
    3.The mouth method mouth pump adaptor free conversion;
    4.New gas lock switch, not leak when pep talk, more stable;
    5.Gas mouth rotary cover design, convenient to replace gas mouth.
    6.Size: 3cm diameter, The length : 19 cm, Weight: 105 g
    7.Material: environmental engineering plastic + alloy steel
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